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Web Browsers: An Overview and Comparison from Nexxtep's Team

By June 29, 2011 8 Comments

Most web browsers have the same basic features and functions, but each has its own features that set it apart.  If you’re considering switching browsers, or just want to know your options, check out this article from Tech News Daily.  This article covers three basic considerations:

  • Speed
  • Security
  • Capabilities

For the last 10 years, Internet Explorer (IE) has dominated the share of web browser usage.  However, IE has lost market share each year to two very strong competitors:  Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

I polled a few folks here in the office to see which browsers they use and why.  Here are their answers:

Richard Baker, Account Manager. Google Chrome.  It’s fast, secure, and customizable.

Robert McMichen, Service Manager. ChromePlus.  ChromePlus is built on the same platform (Chromium) as Google Chrome  It has all the features of Google Chrome, with the add-on features that I love already built-in.

Bart Shiver, Logistics Manager. Internet Explorer 9 and Mozilla Firefox.  IE9 is most compatible with all the websites I visit.  I used to use Firefox most of the time until IE9 came out, but the new version is very fast and functional.

Philip Jones, Systems Engineer. Internet Explorer 9. It’s the most compatible, and I like the features.  For example, your home page opens every time you open a new tab.  It’s simple, and I like that.

Leigh Futch, Marketing Specialist.  Mozilla Firefox.  I can use it on both my Mac and PC, and I can sync all of my passwords and information between computers.

Me (Anne Shenton, Marketing Director).  Google Chrome. I like how fast it is, and I use several add-ons that help with my work (Evernote Clipper, LastPass, AlexaTracker to name a few).  However, I use all of the “big three” browsers when it comes to testing the websites we build—sometimes they look different in different browsers.


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