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IT Management

5 Resources to Help You Supercharge Communications at Work

By August 29, 2012 9 Comments

1. Display and distribute marketing materials with Dropbox.

Take all of your recent marketing materials (fliers, brochures, spec. sheets, etc.) and put them in one Dropbox folder. Save a tree when  you head to your next meeting and open the files you need on your tablet when you need them. You can easily email files to your clients and prospects on the spot. When you update your materials, the people you have shared with will immediately have access to those updates.

2. Check Inventory from anywhere

Using a custom mobile application that integrates with your inventory system, you can access inventory in real-time from any device with a web browser. And you don't have to be Home Depot or Amazon to have the capability to display current inventory on your website. Your customers can access the same inventory system from your website.

3. Remotely access your PC and systems using Citrix Receiver or LogMeIn.

LogMeIn allows you to "remote control" your PC from another device (home PC, smartphone etc.). Citrix Receiver gives you fast, secure access to your internal systems and programs (e.g.- CRM, File Server, accounting systems, etc.).

Citrix Receiver

4. Use your phone system to conduct web meetings, pull client data, and access missed calls and voice mails while you're away.

Using a hosted VOIP solution, you'll get access to features you won't find in land-line phones. Hosted VOIP solutions like 8x8 offer tons of bonus features like web conferencing, voicemail-to-email, and a dedicated iPhone and Android app. The smartphone app allows you to accept calls at your office extension, no matter where you are in the world. You can also use the smarpthone app to make calls over Wifi while you're out of the country (no data roaming charges).

8x8 iPhone App

5. Skip email and get instant feedback with a secure IM client.

We use an internal instant messaging system called Brosix. Think Google Talk on steroids. Here are some of its core features:

  • Sending files and screenshots
  • Screen sharing
  • Internet co-browsing
  • Interactive whiteboard
  • Video chat
  • iPhone app

Brosix Whiteboard Session

Another great feature about Brosix is that it's completely internal, so your personal contacts don't get mixed in with your coworkers.


Learn more!

We're going to go over all these tips and more during the Supercharged Communications session of our Partner Conference. Register today!


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