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Windows XP End of Support: What You Need to Know

By October 2, 2013 5 Comments

Windows XP has been Microsoft's most popular and most loved operating system of all time. It has been around for over ten years, yet we still have many clients who are using XP. Unfortunately, the end of an era is upon us. On April 8th, 2014, Microsoft will no longer support Windows XP or provide updates or security patches.

Normally, the end of support for an operating system is not a big deal for our users. In fact, Microsoft already ended support for Windows Vista and hardly anyone noticed. However, since so many people still use Windows XP, if you do not upgrade you will become a prime target for viruses and hackers once security updates stop next April. That's why we're recommending all Windows XP users upgrade to Windows 7 as soon as possible.

Advantages of Upgrading to Windows 7

Windows 7 offers faster performance, better security and tons of new features that will improve your productivity. Whether you need to upgrade many computers or just a few, we can help you plan your upgrade strategy in a way that will level your costs and make the transition as easy as possible.

What Happens if You DON'T Upgrade?

Nothing will happen- at first. Your computers won't suddenly stop working and you will not notice any change immediately. However, if you continue to use Windows XP, you will be much more vulnerable to viruses, malware and other security threats. Not to mention, your software/hardware providers will also stop providing support for Windows XP, which means that you won't be able to update software programs. If you update your printers, they may not work with Windows XP either.

All of these issues will likely result in more support calls and higher IT costs for you in the long run, which is another good reason to upgrade now.

Will Upgrading Be a Painful Process?

You have nothing to worry about. From a user's perspective, Windows XP and Windows 7 look and act in much the same way. In fact, we have found that most users like Windows 7 even more than Windows XP. Plus you'll have the added benefits of better security and faster performance.

When Should I Upgrade?

There is no better time to upgrade than now, or more specifically- before December 31st. Thanks to the Section 179 Tax Deduction, you can now buy up to $500,000 in software (or hardware, machinery, office furniture and other tangible goods) and reduce your taxable income on your current year's tax return. Basically, you can write off 100% of the software your business needs to buy or finance this year. But to get the deduction, you have to act now and make your purchases before December 31st.

Ready to make the switch?

Give us a call at 229-671-1513 or contact us here for more details!



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