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6 Triggers That Signal It Could be Time for a Cloud Upgrade

By July 10, 2014 7 Comments

cloud upgrade

When does it make sense for your business to consider a Cloud upgrade?

It’s a question that clients ask us a lot, and over the past few years, we have noticed about 6 triggers that indicate it’s a good time to evaluate moving your hardware and software from an on-premise (inside your office/facility) to a Cloud (Internet-based) solution.

1. You Are Facing Significant Hardware or Software Upgrades

Let’s say you have a server that is 8 years old and on its last legs. Operating systems and software programs are also out of date. Before you upgrade to a new on-premise software or hardware solution, consider the Cloud as an option too.

2. You Have Outdated Equipment or Licenses

You’re running an old version of Windows Server. You’re ready to make a jump to a new system. This is also a good time to consider a Cloud-based server solution. With a cloud upgrade, you will pay monthly rather than paying up front. You may pay more for the Cloud service over time, but you won’t have a large capital outlay. You just have to look at what financially makes the most sense for your business.

3. You Are Experiencing Rapid Growth or Expansion

Business is good! You’re opening new branches or warehouses, or you’re going to hire some new home-based workers. This is a good time to look at a Cloud-based solution. With a Cloud solution, you will have a very accurate forecast of your expansion costs. If you continued to use on-premise servers and software, you would have to estimate how much infrastructure you will need and buy it upfront. Later on, you may have to add more servers and other resources.

4. You Are Changing a Main Line-of-Business Application

If you’re an accounting firm switching from one tax system to another, or a manufacturer evaluating a new ERP system, this would be a good time to consider a Cloud-based alternative. Look at the available cloud offerings are and determine how they would fit in with your company and infrastructure. Many vendors offer both Cloud and in-house applications. Generally Cloud is more expensive long-term, but the features, availability, and ease-of-access might be worth the cost.

5. You Are Acquiring or Merging with Another Company

Let’s say you purchased a new company and have now acquired a bunch of new locations. This is another good opportunity for moving your infrastructure to the cloud. It makes the on-boarding of additional clients and users much easier and much faster.

6. You Are Restructuring

Maybe you’re bringing on more home-based employees or sending more people on the road, or perhaps you need to downsize. Just like adding new users is faster and easier in the Cloud, so is removing them.

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