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Why You Need to Have a Mobile Friendly Website by April 21st

By April 1, 2015 No Comments

Do you have a mobile responsive website, or a mobile version of your website? If not, your search engine rankings might suffer come April 21st of this year.


The number of users who use mobile devices has officially surpassed desktop users. Google has taken note of this and plans to make "mobile-friendly" a ranking signal in their next algorithm update.

What is a Mobile Friendly website?

Put simply, mobile-friendly means that a website is easy to view and navigate on a mobile device.

  • Text and graphics are formatted to fit your screen. You don't have to pinch and zoom to read text or click a button.
  • There are no Flash graphics, because Flash doesn't even show up on most mobile devices.

Flash display on mobile device

Mobile Responsive vs. Mobile Websites

A mobile website is a separate version of your website that was built specifically to display on mobile devices.

Papa John's has a mobile website:


papa johns mobile vs full site

A mobile-responsive website is a single website that reformats itself to display nicely on any device.

Dominos has a mobile-responsive website:

dominos mobile vs full site


Which is better?

Having either a mobile website or a mobile-responsive website is better than not having any kind of mobile-friendly website at all. However, I give the edge to mobile-responsive.


  • Responsive sites use a single domain. With a mobile site, you will  usually have to redirect to a separate mobile domain (example: mobile.website.com), which means your traffic is spread across two websites. With a mobile-responsive site, you are using a single domain (example: website.com)
  • Google prefers responsive
  • Responsive sites are future-ready. If your website is responsive, any changes or updates that happen in the future do not have to be considered for two kinds of devices (desktop and mobile). Once you implement the update on your website, it will work on desktop and mobile devices.

Is your website mobile-friendly?

Google has developed a tool that you can use to see if your website is mobile-friendly. You can go to this link enter your website URL to test it out. If Nexxtep built your website within the last 2-3 years, your website should be mobile friendly.

If you need a quick-fix for the short-term, I recommend getting a mobile website ASAP. If you are planning a redesign for your website, then definitely go responsive as your website will be able to grow with you long-term.

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