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7 Tech New Years Resolutions to Pledge in 2016

By January 7, 2016 5 Comments

As we have written about before, too much technology can be like junk food. It's a guilty pleasure that's hard to quit. But too much technology is not the only issue we run into with the devices we love. Here are 7 ways to kick your bad tech habits in the new year.

Backup Your Devices

It's not just your PC you need to worry about anymore. If your smartphone or tablet is lost, damaged or stolen, you could lose thousands of photos, emails and documents. Here are some options we recommend for backing all of your data securely:

iPhones and iPads: iCloud

Android: How to Backup Your Android Phone for Free

Personal Computers: Dropbox, Carbonite

Business Computers: StorGuard


Clean Up Your Inbox

I need to take some of my own medicine here. I have over 20,000 (!) unread messages in my personal email account. I really have no excuse as there are a handful of easy to use (and free) tools) to help you take charge of your inbox:

  • Unroll.me (unsubscribes from mailing lists)
  • Mailstrom (gets your inbox to 0 by archiving and deleting messages automatically).

Secure Your Networks and Computers

Businesses should have a firewall in place and have spam filtering and antivirus setup for all users. At home, make sure you are using Windows Defender (if you use a PC) and have an antivirus program installed on your computers.

Cut Back on Facebook

The same goes for Twitter, Instagram or any other social network you find stealing your time. You can easily lose an hour without realizing it while you're scrolling through your news feed. Think of all the other things you could have done in that hour?

Audit Your Privacy Settings

Speaking of social networks, those privacy settings are pretty sneaky. They tend to change every few months, and before you know it, things that you once thought to be private are now out in the open for everyone to see.  Check your settings regularly, and learn how to keep your personal information private on social networks.


Stop Reusing Passwords (Especially weak passwords!)

It's no secret. We think strong passwords are important. We also recommend using unique passwords for each of your accounts. Why? Well, if one of your accounts is compromised, if you have the same password for all your other logins, those accounts could be compromised as well. Thanks to tools like LastPass, you don't have to remember or write down dozens of passwords. LastPass stores all of your passwords for you and automatically logs you in to the websites you need to access.

Unplug for a While

In today's digital age, technology consumes our lives, so much so that Internet Addiction Disorder (IAD) is being considered for classification by the American Psychological Association. A new study shows that convincing children to turn off the TV or computer is more difficult than getting them to do their homework, go to bed or take a bath. This is a problem. Thankfully, you don't have to disconnect forever to get your sanity back. Unplugging for just a day a week, or even your first waking hour of the day, can help you recharge your mind and bring some peace into your life.

Which tech new years resolutions would you add to this list?


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