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Benefits of Fiber Internet: Part 1

By September 7, 2016 9 Comments

What is Fiber Internet?

Typically speaking, Internet access connected to your business is provided over a series of copper wires. DSL is a wireline transmission technology that transmits data over traditional copper telephone lines already installed to homes and businesses. Cable modem service enables cable operators to provide broadband using the same coaxial cables that deliver pictures and sound to your TV set. Fiber optic technology converts electrical signals carrying data to light and sends the light through transparent glass fibers that is about the diameter of a human hair. Fiber transfers data at speeds far exceeding current DSL or cable modem speeds, typically by tens or even hundreds of Mbps. According to the FCC, fiber providers reliably offer 117% of advertised speed, even during times of peak demand. Internet access over fiber-optic networks has become the gold standard for business data transmission.

Bandwidth and Latency

Latency is a term used to describe delays that occur while processing data over an Internet connection. For businesses that have a need for high Internet usage, it is moderately easy to "hit the cap" on your cable Internet bandwidth. Fiber-optic Internet for business is not truly unlimited. However, the bandwidth availability is significantly higher, and speed does not decrease as high demands are put on the network. Copper wire infrastructure and TDM technology are limited in nature. This is because they were originally designed for transmitting voice calls only, the demand for bandwidth wasn't that high. Due to how electrical signaling works, many types of connections over copper are limited by distance. Fiber-optic Internet eliminates many of the latency issues users experience on cable Internet, particularly when downloading or uploading high-definition content. The increased bandwidth and low latency help employees, remote locations, and cloud service be more efficient and reliable. Research by Sandisk indicates that slow Internet connections cost employees "one week per year of productivity." While the time your teams spend waiting on slow Internet can seem minor, it adds up significantly over time. A business's Internet connectivity should never inhibit productivity.

Upload and Download speed

Fast Internet connections used to be something that only online gamers and movie fans cared much about. These days, speed matters for everyone, and especially businesses. This is because we are all using the Internet for real-time applications like voice and cloud services. From customer relationship management (CRM) tools to data storage, the cloud is an important business tool for apps, hosting, and more. 82% of organizations are now using the cloud in some capacity. The speed and bandwidth capabilities of fiber Internet translate to faster access to your data and applications stored in the cloud. Fiber-optic Internet is much faster than even the highest-speed copper Internet connections, with services available that range from 20 Mbps to Gigabit speeds. During periods of increased demand for Internet access, your business should not notice the Internet slowing down. Fiber can offer what is called “Symmetric speed” for internet download and upload speed. "Symmetric speed" is a term used to refer to equal upload and download times on an Internet connection. With fiber Internet, your employees can benefit from equal upload and download times. Today's employees are more likely to upload video content, files, or make phone calls while downloading remote desktop sessions, file, or other content for work than they were a decade ago. Symmetric speed enables users to accommodate heavy demands on downloads and uploads simultaneously via their data connection.

In part II we will discuss the value added and reliability that fiber-optic Internet is able to offer businesses. Nexxtep is now offering business fiber internet service. Imagine having your own private internet connection that is managed and secured by a local service provider on the backbone of AT&T fiber optic lines. NXConnect is not your typical Internet connection. It’s a complete solution that provides reliability, optimal performance, scalability and security features. With guaranteed provisioning, redundancy and a wide range of access speeds, feel comfortable knowing you made the right choice for your unique business needs. Let us know if you would be interested in a free consultation.

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