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Technology Predictions for 2017

By December 5, 2016 5 Comments

Every year, we round up a few "technology predictions" from members of our team. It's that time again for 2017! What's in store in the technology world for the year ahead? Let's gaze into our crystal ball and see...


Advances in Self-Driving Cars

David Gully, Software Engineer

I believe we will continue to see advancements in self-driving cars; not just from Tesla, but also major manufacturers. Even so, it is still going to take some time before people become comfortable with them, and they're affordable.

Blockchain Technology will Gain Traction

Taylor Hutchinson, Solutions Consultant

Blockchain and distributed-ledger concepts are gaining traction. They have the potential of transforming industry operating models in industries such as music distribution, identify verification (especially Healthcare records) and title registry. They promise a model that adds trust to untrusted environments and reduce business friction by providing transparent access to the information in the ledger.  While there is a great deal of interest the majority of blockchain initiatives are in alpha or beta phases and significant challenges still exist.


Dashboarding and Data Analysis in the Forefront

Stuart Avera, Chief Technology Officer

2017 is the year for dashboarding and data analysis.  Finding where a businesses bottlenecks are and how we can improve service and/or manufacturing throughput.  Using tools to pull data from multiple systems and consolidate that data for quick decision making will be key.

Video As the New Blogging

Anne Shenton, Marketing Director

Video is already popular, but next year, it will become mainstream. Businesses will augment (or replace) their blogging budgets with video. When we attended HubSpot's Inbound event last month, video was the talk of the conference. CEO Brian Halligan made it a focus of his keynote speech, noting that people are watching video all the time, but not necessarily listening. Therefore, video that performs well in 2017 will need to be captioned or be able to get the point across without audio.

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