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Frugal Financial Apps

By June 2, 2017 5 Comments

Technology can help us improve our daily lives. Being financially responsible is something very important for thriving in business. If our businesses aren't profitable we can't grow or survive in the marketplace. Nexxtep helps our clients to become more profitable through our technology solutions. So I wanted to introduce some apps to help our readers with their own personal finances. They are many tools in our modern era that will help us make be "money smart" and become financial independent.


Developed by Intuit, Mint's goal is to help its users make smart financial decisions by aggregating their financial data and accounts in one easy to use app. Mint identifies spending habits and then suggest places you can save. It allows users to develop monthly budgets and helps you stick to them by categorizing your transactions. Mint also allows you to track and pay bills from the app. It automatically adds bill due dates to your digital calendar of choice so you never miss a payment. Lastly, Mint helps you keep track of your credit score. You are able to receive weekly credit reports and tips on how to improve your score. Mint is available in your favorite web browser or mobile device.


Newer to the fintech marketplace is an app similar to Mint. The difference being the use of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and data science to personalize the user experience. Like Mint, Clarity provides all in one user experience to review one's financial data. That's about where the similarities to the two end. Clarity is able to negotiate with your service providers to help you find discounts and coupons associated with your bills. Ever wonder how many monthly subscriptions you are subscribed to but don't utilize. Clarity will analyze your gym, Hulu, Netflix, and other monthly membership subscriptions to help you cancel those unwanted accounts. My favorite feature is the ability to automate savings to a particular goal. Clarity Money Savings Accounts helps you set and forget your savings commitments. Only available on iOS for now, Clarity hopes to help its users gain control of their financial lives. 

Personal financial management is something that is very important. Hopefully, you found these apps to be helpful and if so please share this article with those who think may benefit. As always feel free to contact us here at Nexxtep if you want to streamline your business information technology needs to help make your business more profitable.

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