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4 Hidden features in iOS 11

By September 21, 2017 10 Comments

Apple released iOS 11 on September 19th and it is a big update. While you may have watched the keynote or read an article on some of the new features with Apple's new mobile OS. I want to try and go over some features you may not have heard of yet.

1. SOS

The first feature I want to address is something that I hope our readers never have to use. If you go Settings, right below "Touch ID & Passcode" is "Emergency SOS." What this feature does is when you rapidly click the sleep/wake button five times it can quickly call emergency services. It also will automatically alert any emergency contacts you've set in the Health app by sending them an iMessage with your location. Activating this feature by pressing the sleep/wake button five times in rapid succession will bring up the swipe interface below. There is also a toggle to do all this automatically without having to use the swipe interface. This is just one key safety feature Apple added to its mobile operating system.

2. Do not Disturb While Driving

According to the CDC, approximately 9 people are killed every day from distracted driving in the United States. More than 1,000 people are injured in crashes caused by a distracted driver. Apple added this next safety feature to iOS11 that keeps us off our phones while driving. Do not Disturb While Driving is a feature that uses Bluetooth and other sensors to determine whether or not the iPhone user is driving. During this time notifications will not come through to the driver's phone. All that is shown on the lock screen is a black screen unless you stop driving or use the bypass button stating you aren’t driving. Turning this feature on is simple. Go to Settings>>Do Not Disturb>>Scroll near the bottom>>Do Not Disturb While Driving. One can use it manually, when your connects to car Bluetooth, or just using motion sensors. This is another great safety feature in iOS11.

3. Storage Optimization

Apple’s iOS 11 helps those of us who use every byte of space on our phones. The iPhone does not have upgradable internal storage, but we are able to manage the hard drive space we do have with iOS 11 storage optimization feature. Navigate to Settings>>General>>iPhone Storage and one will find a graph categorizing data that is taking up space on your device. Underneath this graph will be recommendations for freeing up space. These recommendations range from automatically removing un-used apps, deleting old iMessage threads, and manually reviewing large attachments. Utilizing this feature helps keep our devices uncluttered and running efficiently.

4. One-Handed Optimized Keyboard

This is a small but ever so welcome feature for those of us who use our tablet sized phones one handed. This simple feature will move the keys on the touch keyboard to fit one-handed use. While using the software keyboard on Notes, iMessage, or your preferred e-mail app, hold down the emoji or globe key to reveal three keyboard icons. Choosing one of these icons will shift the keys closer to one side or the other depending on which hand is being used. The size of the keyboard is close to that of the iPhone SE, which is incredibly helpful for those of us with a Plus size iPhone. This "one-handed" mode will stay set across different apps until you center the keyboard back to normal. When you want to go back to normal, just tap the arrow in the blank space that's created by the keyboard shift, or hold down the emoji icon again and select the center icon.

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