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Cord-cutting 101: Part I

By April 6, 2018 45 Comments

Cord-cutting is the idea and trend of consumers dropping their traditional cable subscription in favor of an internet-based streaming service. This a world where antennas are cool again and the aim towards not having a traditional cable subscription is growing. In fact, it was forecasted in 2017 that 56.5 million Americans will make up the cord-cutters and cord-nevers. The cord-nevers are the younger consumers who have never subscribed to a legacy cable or satellite TV subscription. This trend is due to many factors. According to an article in USA Today, about 82% of all U.S. homes now have broadband internet access. This stat is up from 76% in 2012. Broadband homes now eclipse the number of homes with traditional paid TV service. As a result, this opens up new opportunities to the American household. Couple that together with the growing variety of streaming apps and services, it is hard to ignore the benefits of cord-cutting.

You can have it your way

How many channels or shows do you actually watch that are included in your cable subscription? For cord-cutters, they realized they were paying for packages and content they didn't even watch. Many of the services and apps we will go over in Part 2, offer a-la-carte content. Therefore, subscribers to streaming services are able to watch what they want, when they want, and where they want. These services allow you choose your favorite content and enable you to be able to watch it on demand. Many of your favorite channels even have their own app for streaming their original content. Sports, news, movies, sitcoms, or niche content are all accessible via various streaming services. Furthermore, even if you want live content there are streaming providers that feature live channels. All of this without being bound to a contract. In conclusion, all of this ties into the biggest benefit of cord cutting which is flexibility.

Cost & Contracts

Most of us like having options, but all of us enjoy saving money. All of the apps and services for streaming content typically do not require a contract. This gives the consumer the option of testing and switching to the providers that best suit their needs. Is your preferred sport in the offseason, cancel the sports add-on. Don't like that a provider is dropping your favorite networks, switch services without a cancelation fee. These services also typically cost less per month than a traditional cable or satellite service. Many of these services offer free trials so one can pick the best service for their needs. Again, flexibility is the main benefit when comes to cutting the cord.

Now that fast internet access has become more widespread, cord-cutting is becoming more popular. The options and benefits this trend offers attract consumers of all ages. We will cover how to cut the cord and what options exist in Part 2. Nexxtep exists to improve our client's lives. Our goal at Nexxtep is to introduce technology-based solutions that benefit our clients and help solve their biggest business challenges. This helps them operate more efficiently, and increases their profitability. If you would like to learn more about how we do this, drop us a line.

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