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How to Use Custom Reports to Make Better Business Decisions

By March 25, 2019 6 Comments

Your software generates a wide range of reports automatically. Unfortunately, that doesn't mean that you'll always be able to get exactly the report you're looking for, exactly when you need it. If you need a custom report generated, we can help. From agriculture or manufacturing to finance and accounting, we'll take your data and turn it into a comprehensive, custom report that contains just the information you need it to contain, not the information generated by a generic report within your system. Not only that, we'll make sure it's in exactly the format you need, so you won't find yourself floundering as you try to organize that key information.

Think Outside the Box

Your software can only perform as well as its programmers--many of whom likely think within a specific box. All too often, generic software doesn't perform the specific tasks you need for your industry. Other times, you may find that even industry-specific software fails to deliver on your expectations. You need something a little bit different--and we're here to help. When you need to think outside the box for your reports, custom reports can be the key to your success.

Put Together a Detailed Invoice History

custom report invoice history This custom invoice history report pulls data from multiple applications using their built-in APIs.

Often, when you look at your invoices, you need to know more information than your software easily provides. You might need to see a specific set of invoices related to a given activity or client. You might need to see how bills have been paid, how you've interacted with a specific invoice, or what information related to that invoice has been given out. Does a specific client often need multiple reminders to pay an invoice? Have you fallen behind on paying a particular supplier?

When you need more detailed information than your software is able to provide, we can work through those details and get you the information you need.

Display Poundage and Weighted Average Cost for Many Different Inventory Groupings

custom report for product weights This custom report helps highlight discrepancies on pounds of product going into the grader vs coming out.

The weight of your inventory matters, whether you're shipping out products or bringing them in. Do you know how to estimate your future weights or how to put together current poundage and weighted average costs? With our help, you can put together a detailed report concerning any specific inventory grouping within your warehouse or property.

Take a Look at Estimated Future Rebates

Often, your existing software will struggle to generate estimated future reports. You may need to know what your future rebates will look like or how this will connect with your existing clients. By working with us, you can generate those key estimates and get a better look at where your business will be next year.

Get Data Analysis and Recommendations

Sometimes, you just need an outside eye to take a look at the data. You may need recommendations about where to cut corners or about where to expand your business in the coming year--and that's something your current software just can't do. We can put together your data and use it to give you those key recommendations, helping you expand your business in ways you couldn't previously imagine.

Receive Accounting-Based Reports

From AR Aging to Work in progress reports, you can get key reports that can help you make decisions based on the numbers. Collect your data and put it together in ways that will help you take a look at your current projects--all without needing to spend hours pouring over your software as you fight to extract the relevant data.

Put Together Productivity-Based Reports

What are members of your staff really accomplishing? Are there departments that are significantly more productive than others, or teams you know you can count on even when others are likely to fail? At Nexxtep, we can pull data together and create productivity-based reports that will help you see exactly where productivity is suffering. In many cases, this can help you improve your future efforts, raise business satisfaction, and decrease productivity losses and time-wasters.

Generate Staff Performance Reports

Do you know how to analyze the performance of individual staff members? Whether performance reviews are coming up or you suspect that productivity has been on a general slide lately, a staff performance report can allow you to take a look at the specifics. You need to know exactly what staff members are accomplishing and how they are performing, but your existing software may not have the ability to generate that report. We can put that data together for you.

Create an Executive Dashboard

Your software isn't set up to give you a clear executive dashboard. You need access to a wide range of data specific to your business--data that may be different from others in your industry. We'll put together that executive dashboard so that the information you need most is always at your fingertips.

Extensive Experience in a Range of Industries

When you look for a custom report company, you don't want just anyone handling your sensitive data. You want experienced, competent professionals who have worked within your industry before: someone who can deliver a solid understanding of the data they're compiling so that when you get your report, it makes sense! At Nexxtep, we have experience in:


We've worked with farmers who grow crops, loggers, and farmers who raise animals or fish to help generate reports in a variety of areas of their businesses. Many agriculture workers have unique reporting needs, and we can make it easier to organize those key pieces of information so that you can more effectively deliver the services your farm needs. From checking out your costs from the previous year to discovering individual costs for a crop or chemical, we can put together custom reports that will make it far easier for you to make critical decisions about your efforts for the coming year.


Every product is unique within the manufacturing industry--and every provider has their own set of needs. Do you need to deliver a custom report to your investors or to your financial advisor that will allow them to make key decisions about their future investments in your product? Do you need to track inventory by retailer? Or show discrepancies in inventory between two systems?  Nexxtep, we will work with you to generate exactly the reports you, your customers and investors need, in the format they require. No more shuffling data around and hoping for the best or discovering at the last minute that you need to hand-create a specific report. Instead, we can take care of those needs for you!

custom report historical inventory Displays historical inventory by retailer

Accounting and finance

Within accounting and financial practices, you have a wide range of numbers that need to be dealt with on a regular basis: profits and losses, investments, strategies, and more. Often, your existing software just isn't up to the task of creating the reports you need, whether you plan to keep those reports within your business or you need to share clear, concise reports with investors or clients. At Nexxtep, we'll generate the specific reports you need, rather than forcing you to fit your numbers into the existing framework of your software program. It's an easier way to generate your reports--and it will free you up to act on what you've learned, rather than trapping you in your office as you scramble to put a report together.

Whether you need to present your reports to clients, investors, or the CEO within your company, we can help you reach your goals. Our extensive experience in these industries makes it easier for us to sift through the data we're working with to deliver high-quality analysis and reporting.

We Work With Your Software!

Many plug-ins and tools claim to work with your existing software, but when you try to put them together, you may find that they simply don't deliver on your expectations. Sometimes, they're clunky. Other times, they just don't pull the information together the way you need it. We're here to help. We work with a wide range of different software options, including:

  • Sage software
  • Quickbooks
  • .NET
  • MySQL
  • Microsoft SQL
  • SAP Crystal
  • Microsoft Sharepoint

Not only that, we can work with any open source software, so if you're using a common open source platform for your company, you don't have to worry that we won't be able to put your report together. Contact us to learn more about your software options and how we can generate the reports you need based on your existing software.

Do you need a custom report--something outside the general guidelines of your software? Whether you need a one-time report to make it easier for you to get approval for a new purchase or proceed with a new project, or you're looking for a detailed report that your software simply can't generate on a regular basis, Nexxtep is here to help. We'll handle your custom reporting needs so that you can focus on the more important attributes of your company.

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