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Update 4/29/20:

Based on CDC guidelines and recommendations from Governor Kemp, Nexxtep is resuming in-office operations. We're following sanitation protocol and maintaining social distance between employees. We plan to lift our limitation on onsite client visits over the following weeks.

Update 3/19/20:

Following the CDC and Federal government recommendations on COVID-19, Nexxtep and its staff are making adjustments regarding social distancing and work from home recommendations.

Please note that this situation is changing rapidly and the health of our team as well as the continued operation of clients remain the top priority during this unprecedented time.

While we transition our staff to work from home, your processes and procedures remain the same for obtaining support. Please continue to call 229-671-1513 or email support@nexxtep.com for assistance.

Unfortunately, our staff will be limited with regards to onsite work with the exception for network wide emergencies. Our decision to limit onsite visits is to provide as little exposure as possible across all our clients, their staff and our community.

Now more than ever we ask for patience while we help transition our staff and those of our clients to a remote workplace while also providing day to day support services. Rest assured:

  • Shipments to our facility will continue. While we have equipment in stock, demand for this has grown and the vendor supply inventories are slowing down due to overseas shipments. We can still procure equipment as needed. Please be aware that the lead time may be longer than usual.
  • Security of your network is still a top priority. Please be mindful that during this time, we do not want to forsake network security while enabling remote work capabilities. We must remain vigilant on that front regardless of the circumstances.
  • If you are an N-Care customer – know that we continue to monitor and maintain your network and staff as always.
  • Security measures are all still in place. 
  • Off-site backups are monitored and maintained.

Nexxtep has also been implementing various products that can assist your workforce with staying productive from home in a secure manner. Please reach out to us to discuss how we can enable your team to continue working. Solutions include remote desktop capabilities, chat and collaboration tools, VoIP phone services.

More Info On Remote Work Setup Services

Ascend Inbound Marketing is also available to assist with getting the word out to your customers on how you are providing continuity of services. For general communication with your customers, virus messaging, website updates, communication plans or general marketing, please reach out to the Ascend team at 229-588-2000 or visit their website at: www.ascendinbound.com

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