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COVID-19: Tips For Staying Connected To Your Customers

COVID-19: Tips For Staying Connected To Your Customers

By Business No Comments

The Coronavirus pandemic has had an undeniable effect on the U.S. and global economies. Executives and business owners everywhere are feeling these...

Technology Predictions for 2019

By Food for thought 5 Comments

Every year, I survey the office to see what everyone's predictions are for the year ahead. This is the 9th year we have published our predictions! It's...

What IoT Can Do For Your Office

By cloud 7 Comments

It's 8:30 AM. Conference Room B will be hosting a meeting at 9:00, so it has to get ready. It starts raising the temperature from a standby 60° F. to a...

Technology Predictions for 2018

By Miscellaneous 14 Comments

Happy New Year from Nexxtep! One of our favorite new year's traditions is to round up technology predictions for the year ahead. 2017 brought the rise of...

Understanding Artificial Intelligence and What it Means for Our Future

By Miscellaneous 36 Comments

Last week, a few of us attended HubSpot's Inbound Conference in Boston. We learned about product updates and got up to speed on the latest trends in...

Evolution of a Website

By Miscellaneous, Press 8 Comments

We just launched a new website! By my count, this is the seventh website we have launched in the 15 years Nexxtep has been in business. That number might...

Will a Hybrid Laptop/ Tablet Computer Work for You?

By Productivity No Comments

Confused about which device to get? Here is a little information to help you decide if that hybrid is worth your money. The laptop/tablet computer market...

Technology Predictions for 2017

By Uncategorized 5 Comments

Every year, we round up a few "technology predictions" from members of our team. It's that time again for 2017! What's in store in the technology world...

The Future is Now: What is the "Internet of Things?"

By Internet No Comments

In the late 1990s, the big buzz word was the vaunted ‘paradigm shift’, that holy grail of technologies that would signify a sudden, illuminating change in...