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How to Use Custom Reports to Make Better Business Decisions

By Software 6 Comments

Your software generates a wide range of reports automatically. Unfortunately, that doesn't mean that you'll always be able to get exactly the report...

What VOIP Can Do That Your TelCo Plan Can’t

By VOIP 5 Comments

In the last few years, VOIP has been rocking the world of business communications. From established corporations to cutting-edge startups, organizations...

The Biggest Cybersecurity Threats Facing Your Business in 2019

By Security 7 Comments

We live in a time when every business in the modern world is engaged in a constant semi-invisible battle. We see the casualties, data leaks and destroyed...

Nexxtep Awards 4th Annual CIS Scholarship

By Press 6 Comments

The partners and staff at Nexxtep were proud to award the 4th Annual CIS Scholarship to Amanda Mitchell, a senior at Valdosta State University. Each year,...

How to Protect Yourself After the Equifax Breach

By Security 6 Comments

It's been a  few weeks since we first learned about the Equifax Data Breach, but we will feel the affects of the breach for weeks and months to come. The...

Security Advisory: Wannacry Ransomware

By Security, IT 5 Comments

By now you have probably heard about the recent ransomware outbreak. If not, you can read about it here.

Video Testimonial: Scintilla Charter Academy

By Nexxtep No Comments

Mandy Avera, Dean of Students & School support, sat down with Nexxtep to talk about their experience working with us, and she discussed the importance of...

Nexxtep Awards 4th Annual CIS Scholarship to Austin R. Baggett

By Press 12 Comments

Nexxtep and Valdosta State University recently partnered to recognize Austin R. Baggett as this year’s recipient of the Nexxtep Scholarship for...