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New Website!

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As you can see, Nexxtep's website has a new look!

Nexxtep University

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We encourage all Nexxtep clients, especially those using N-Care or N-Guard services, to "enroll" in Nexxtep University.  Nexxtep University is a portal on...

How Temperature Affects Your Computer

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We all know we don't want the computer to get hot, but what exactly happens as the temperature goes up? Increased temperature can cause intermittent as...

4 Reasons to Upgrade Your PC in 2010

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New computer purchases may seem expensive, but refreshing your hardware in 2010 can actually have a positive impact on your bottom line.  Here are a few...

Technology Predictions for 2010

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No, I am not a psychic.  But I did hear some interesting technology predictions from Mario Armstrong of NPR this morning, and I would like to share them...

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-12-18

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Get your free copy of 56 Tech Tips! Email info@ncare.com #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-12-04

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Nexxtepions Ryan Williams and Anne Wilhoite are published authors! Buy your copy of 56 Tech Tips on Amazon, or... http://bit.ly/6aDo6K # Help us get 50...

Introducing N-Guard Web Filtering!

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What is Web Filtering? Web filtering is a service that filters malicious security threats (spyware, malware, phishers, etc.) from accessing your office’s...

AT&T vs. Verizon Cellular Coverage

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We received this question from a reader who recently viewed our smartphone webinar recording: "How is iPhone (AT&T) coverage overall compared to Verizon?"


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Newser.com is a website that gathers and summarizes articles from over 1,000 news sources. The site allows you to quickly peruse the day's major news...