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How to Use Custom Reports to Make Better Business Decisions

By Software 6 Comments

Your software generates a wide range of reports automatically. Unfortunately, that doesn't mean that you'll always be able to get exactly the report...

Frugal Financial Apps

By Software 5 Comments

Technology can help us improve our daily lives. Being financially responsible is something very important for thriving in business. If our businesses...

3 Questions to Ask When Evaluating Software

By Software 9 Comments

Like most parents of toddlers, our home is a minefield of miscellaneous toys and trinkets. On any given day, you might find a Barbie Corvette parked on...

What's New in Office 2016?

By Software 15 Comments

The changes brought in with the launch of Office 2016 are fundamental, running deeper than simple design changes. Under the surface of Office 2016 runs a...

Windows 10 is Here!

By Software 10 Comments

The wait is finally over. On July 29, 2015, Windows 10 was released in 190 markets, and a FREE upgrade is available in the first year if you have Windows...

Windows 10 Sneak Peak

By Software 9 Comments

Windows 10 is rumored to be coming out in June, and if you're using Windows 8, I think you're going to like this update MUCH better. If you're running...

Log Into Your PC or Mac from Your iPhone and iPad--Now Free!

By Software 16 Comments

Remote access tools allow you to connect to your PC or Mac from another computer or mobile device.  You can access all of your files, programs and see...

Using Automating Software vs. Doing It Yourself

By Software 5 Comments

One of our Tech Tips readers recently wrote in asking our opinion on purchasing document management software for her law firm. She wanted the ability to...