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data backup and recovery

Secure Your Data

By ransomware, Business Continuity, data backup service, security training 9 Comments

There is an ever growing trend of ransomware. If you go to the wrong website or click the wrong link in an email, thieves will hold your data hostage with...

An Operational Metrics Example That Every Company Should Follow

By Business Continuity 1 Comment

When I find a company that inspires me, I like to research their leadership team to see what drives them and learn how they built a successful business....

[Infographic] File Backups vs. Image Backups

By Business Continuity 30 Comments

A lot of clients ask us what the difference is between file backups and image backups. While file backups are generally less expensive, image backups...

The Road to Ruin: Why Business Owners Must Protect Their Data

By Business Continuity 21 Comments

This guest post was written by our friend Judy Sherling. Judy is a management consultant and serves as a voice for the modern-day SMB controller on her...

The One Thing You Should Never Cut Corners With When It Comes to IT

By Business Continuity 6 Comments

There is one thing that should hold the utmost importance in your organization's IT spending and strategy, but it's often put on the backburner. We bring...

A 5 Point Plan for Business Continuity

By Business Continuity 13 Comments

Building a business continuity plan is a lot like getting a root canal. You dread the experience, but you know that if you don't go through with it, the...

Turn Google Drive Into a Permanent Backup Solution for Documents and Photos

By Business Continuity No Comments

In case you haven't heard about Google Drive, this is a pretty slick feature upgrade for Gmail and Google Apps users whose Admins have this feature...

How to Backup Your Emails from Gmail

By Business Continuity 9 Comments

Google has taken some heat lately for losing data from their customers' Gmail accounts.  This unfortunate incident highlighted the importance of data...