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Schedule Emails to be Sent Later and Use Easy Email Reminders

By email, Productivity, productivity 10 Comments

Our readers asked for more tips about productivity and email, so here is a tip that combines both subjects.  Boomerang is a tool that you can use in Gmail...

Address Book Cleanup Tool

By email, Productivity 7 Comments

Are you tired of duplicate email addresses in your Outlook, smartphone and/or Gmail address books?  Then try Scrubly, the address book cleanup tool I...

What You Need to Know About the Recent Epsilon Email Data Breach

By email, email security, Uncategorized, phishing 9 Comments

A couple of weeks ago, a hacker tapped into to the email system of Epsilon, a third-party email marketing company with big-name clients such as Best Buy,...

Email Signatures: What Does Yours Say About You and Your Business?

By email, Uncategorized 14 Comments

I recently changed my email signature.  I found that after a year of using my Nexxtep email account, my signature was getting out of control, with several...