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HIPAA Compliance Tips: How to Secure Patients' Information

By Healthcare Industry 17 Comments

At the core of HIPAA security is a process called Risk Management. It sounds much more confusing than it actually is.  So what is Risk Management? Here's...

Trends in Healthcare IT: Big Data Challenges

By Healthcare Industry No Comments

Big data is bringing major changes to healthcare and other industries. Described as a healthcare "game-changer" in a Forbes article from earlier this...

Trends in Healthcare IT: Telemedicine and Its Responsibilities

By Healthcare Industry No Comments

Telemedicine, the use of technology for long-distance connection with medical facilities, can be a huge help to patients who can't easily leave home or...

HIPAA FAQ Part 2: What are the risks of not being HIPAA compliant?

By Healthcare Industry 15 Comments

This article assumes you have a good understanding of HIPAA.  You can learn about HIPAA from a variety of sources including our first blog post on HIPAA....

HIPAA FAQ Part 1: What is HIPAA?

By Healthcare Industry 22 Comments

If you are well versed in the healthcare industry, you understand HIPAA and its history. However, for the uninitiated, the Health Insurance Portability...

Lessons Learned from the Excellus Attack

By Healthcare Industry 5 Comments

In a statement, Excellus President and CEO Christopher C. Booth called the breach of the company’s systems a “very sophisticated cyber-attack.” It...

6 Health Technologies to Keep Your Eye On

By Healthcare Industry 17 Comments

Hospitals are collecting volumes and volumes of data. Investing in tools to analyze them is the key to unlocking value and cost savings, says a report...

4 Reasons Why Small Hospitals Should Consider Outsourcing IT

By Healthcare Industry 14 Comments

I have worked with many hospital administrators who regularly lost sleep at night worrying about IT issues. Smaller hospitals have it especially hard....