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Digital Wellness: Screen addiction

By Productivity, mobile, productivity, smartphones 10 Comments

More than 2.5 billion people have smartphones now. According to new research Americans on average pickup there phone 80 times a day. Smartphones, apps,...

Cord-cutting 101: Part II

By Productivity, Food for thought, productivity 8 Comments

In Part 1 we discussed what cord-cutting was and why it is so popular among consumers. This article will focus on the options that are available in the...

Cord-cutting 101: Part I

By Productivity, Food for thought 45 Comments

Cord-cutting is the idea and trend of consumers dropping their traditional cable subscription in favor of an internet-based streaming service. This a...

4 Skills for Your New Alexa Smart Speaker

By Productivity 9 Comments

How much has changed from how we listen to music and audio. The picture above features a cassette tape which was released by Philips in 1963. The first...

Dictate- A Microsoft Garage Project

By Productivity 10 Comments

We are continuing our series on Microsoft software and the benefits of Office 365. Today we are covering a productivity add-on that will appeal to those...

Will a Hybrid Laptop/ Tablet Computer Work for You?

By Productivity No Comments

Confused about which device to get? Here is a little information to help you decide if that hybrid is worth your money. The laptop/tablet computer market...

OneNote-Taking Notes on the Go

By Productivity 10 Comments

Handwritten notes with pen and paper have certain advantages over typing out notes on a computer. If you don't believe me take a look  at the science...

Windows Shortcuts

By Productivity 16 Comments

On this month's podcast, I talked about some easy, yet little-known Windows shortcuts. I put each of these shortcuts in a short video so you can see them...

Tips for Choosing a CRM

By Productivity 7 Comments

If you’re in business, it’s because you have customers. And if you have customers, you need a way to look after them as well as you possibly can.

How to Keep Video from Autoplaying in Your Web Browser

By Productivity 9 Comments

I multitask. Way more than I should. Don’t we all?