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Tech Gift Ideas for 2017

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Christmas is right around the corner. Tech gadgets are always a crowd pleaser, and 2017 has introduced us to all kinds of cool smartphones, tablets, and...

Technology Predictions for 2017

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Every year, we round up a few "technology predictions" from members of our team. It's that time again for 2017! What's in store in the technology world...

7 Tech New Years Resolutions to Pledge in 2016

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As we have written about before, too much technology can be like junk food. It's a guilty pleasure that's hard to quit. But too much technology is not the...

Should Your Business Be Using Open Source Software?

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It was once so easy to shut down the open source conversation. A single well-placed question from a long list could do the job. Who knew where the...

Squeezing Every Drop from the Cloud

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Gartner’s forecasters believe that by 2017 investment in cloud services will account for the majority of all new IT expenditure. IDC says next year there...

What is IT Convergence?

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Compatibility, cross-functionality, and cost-efficiency are all critical elements for any IT infrastructure plan. And while IT infrastructure has become...

Nexxtep Crime-Stoppers Track Down Stolen Laptop

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The Case A couple of weeks ago, a client noticed her laptop was missing and immediately contacted Nexxtep and local law enforcement. Using remote login...

[Quick Tip] Use Your Internet Browser as a Notepad

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If you use an Internet browser a lot while working, this quick tip could save you some time. Instead of opening a Word document or searching for a notepad...

Quick Tip: How to Automatically Save Your iPhone Pictures to Flickr

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If you haven't heard of IFTTT, check it out! It's a powerful tool that allows you to easily automate tons of tasks. Create an account and start automating...