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Prepare Your Team

Secure Your Company’s Remote Workers

With the coronavirus outbreak, more businesses than ever are preparing for employees to work remotely. With almost one-fifth of Americans currently under shelter-in-place orders, now is the time to prepare your organization for remote work.

However, there is more to it than sending everyone home with a laptop and headset. Cybersecurity threats are greater now more than ever. Take the right steps to protect your business from a data breach and to ensure your employees’ remote work setup is stable and secure.

Cloud-Based Productivity Tools

With tools like Office 365, you can still access your Office applications online, even if they aren’t installed locally on your workstation. You can create, edit and collaborate on files, chat with coworkers, share updates, and host online meetings and calls.

Secure Remote Access

Remotely access your Windows PCs and Macs from your smartphone, tablet, or another computer – Just like you’re sitting in front of the computer. All data transferred is encrypted, secure, and only accessible via multifactor authentication.


We’ll help you train your employees on best practices for effectively working from home while maintaining the security of your critical business data.

During this crisis, we have no idea where our firm would be without Nexxtep. Thank you so much for the response your team has taken to keep us moving.

Jim Godbee, CPA Henderson & Godbee, LLP

james godbee

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